Father Vito Cornelius
Vito Cornelius
Actor Ian Holm
First Seen The Fifth Element
Seen In The Fifth Element
Last Seen The Fifth Element
Name Vito Cornelius
Status Alive

Biography Edit

Father Vito Cornelius, a Priest of the 50th level Parish and expert in astro physics, is one of a long line of priests who have passed down "the knowledge" of the The Great Evil, the Fifth Element and four stones, and how to destroy evil using them. He is currently training his successor, David.

In his youth he joined the 50th level Parish and grew respect in the community even piquing the interest of the Priest who possessed the knowledge before him. After learning of the great evil he kept his position as a priest but devoted his life to the study of Astro physics and preserving of life. In his forties or fifties he took on a apprentice, a boy named David.

When the evil came in his sixties he went to help explain it to the President of the Federation. He was only believed after it killed one of his ships. After explaining the stones and the fifth element and how they could defeat the evil he is sent home after the Mondoshawans were attacked, feeling defeat he slacked on his priest work till Korben Dallas barged into his apartment introducing the alive but unconscious fifth element Leloo

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