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Fhloston Paradise

Fhloston Paradise above the oceans of Fhloston

Afilliation: United Earth
Classification: Fhloston-Class Cruise Ship
Length: 21650 ft. (4.1 miles from bow to stern)
Width: 2112 ft
Began Service: 2234
Fate: Destroyed by a Mangalore bomb.

Fhloston Paradise is a vacation space cruise ship that is frequented by the famous and rich and powerful. It is destroyed by the Mangalores after they are defeated by Korben Dallas.


Fhloston Paradise was put into service in 2234 along with its sister ship the Extravagance. It is a renown superliner that It is very expensive to stay aboard. Onboard there are many amenities such as VIP lounges, twelve swimming pools with two VIP pools on the deck, dozens of 5-star restaurants and a concert hall. Paradise is based on Planet Fhloston, a tropical ocean planet with lots of tourism. The ship is based in Port Sasrstoon and during leisure rotations lands on Fhloston's many tropical islands giving its guests beach access. Paradise also flies into Fhloston's low orbit for stunning views of the planet from space. Fhloston Paradise also has gravity stabilizers that mimic standard gravity when in space. Ruby Rhod was a frequent visitor of the ship.

Fhloston Paradise in space.