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Jean-Baptiste Zorg
Actor Gary Oldman
First Seen The Fifth Element
Seen In The Fifth Element
Last Seen The Fifth Element
Name Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
Status Deceased
Job Founder and owner of Zorg Industries

Weapons dealer

Kill count Several
―Jean-Baptiste Zorg's most famous quote [src]

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, or simply Zorg, is the central antagonist in The Fifth Element. He was the head of a major corporation, and the inventor of various weapons and devices who is secretly working for the Great Evil, and is willing to use any means to reach his goals.


The Art Dealer[]

Jean-Baptiste Zorg is the lifelong founder and owner of his powerful, namesake weapons-manufacturing company known as Zorg Industries. He is first seen on his way to a meeting with the Mangalore mercenaries who destroyed the Mondoshawan ship. Left Arm, one of his workers, arrives with a message, suggesting that they fire employees in response to potential trouble with the economy. When Zorg suggests firing a million employees, Left Arm tries to argue that 500,000 would be enough, only to be met with a glare that sends him running off.

At the meeting, he demonstrates his newest weapon; an all in one assault pod weapon system called the ZF1, to the Mangalores, offering four cases of the guns in exchange for the four Elements. When the case proves to be empty and they threaten him for compensation, he leaves them one case, deliberately not warning them about the weapons' self-destruct and letting most of them die in the resulting explosion.

Afterward, he sends for a priest named Vito Cornelius, whom he'd asked about the Elements before, and has him brought to his office. Vito refuses, and Zorg elucidates on his philosophy while serving himself a drink, believing that life is an inevitable result of destruction. As he begins to choke on the drink's cherry, Vito counters that his so-called power means nothing when he is being killed by something so small, and saves him, prompting Zorg to spare him for the moment.

The Plan[]

Zorg then sends his assistant, Right Arm, to spy on President Linberg, where they learn that the Diva Plavalaguna has the four Elements. When they learn about Korben Dallas winning a contest (a trick to get him to Floston Paradise, where the Diva will perform), Right Arm tips off the police, and Zorg sends him in Korben's place. However, the police had arrested one of Korben's neighbors by mistake, and when it turns out that Korben is already on the plane, he kills Right Arm by detonating his phone.


"Oh no!"
―Jean-Baptiste Zorg's last words before getting killed in the destruction of the Fhloston Paradise luxury liner. [src]

Zorg later gets a call from Mr. Shadow, the Great Evil, who demands the Four Elements and tells him that he will be arriving shortly. Terrified, he flies off to Floston Paradise himself, where he steals another chest from the Diva's suite, shooting Leeloo in the process and leaving a miniature bomb to destroy the cruise shuttle. After he realizes that he has another decoy, he returns to the ship, barely missing Korben and the rest (as opposed to the shooting script, in which Korben pummels him for the trouble he's caused).

Zorg moments before his death.

He manages to disarm his bomb with five seconds left, but the Mangalores, who had tried to get the Elements for themselves only to be defeated by Korben and Leeloo, activate their own bomb, destroying the Fhloston Paradise luxury liner and Zorg. (Again, the shooting script differs - Zorg survives thanks to a protective forcefield in his ZF1, but is stranded on a nearby moon when the battery in his phone dies).


  • The reason why Zorg lost most of his hair, has a scar near his right eye, a limp and probably an artificial leg is never mentioned. It is most likely related to why Zorg is so terrified of Mr. Shadow in the scene where Zorg's scalp 'bleeds' from under his skullcap.