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Korben Dallas
Korben Dallas.png
Actor Bruce Willis
First Seen The Fifth Element
Seen In The Fifth Element
Last Seen The Fifth Element
Name Korben Dallas
Status Alive
Job Federated Army Soldier
Taxi Driver
Kill count Unknown number of enemies during his military service
At least several Mangalores, including a captain

Major Korben Dallas is a former Special Forces soldier for The Federated Army and the main protagonist of the movie The Fifth Element. Upon retirement, Dallas worked as a Cab Driver for 6 months until he was fired by Mr. Zorg. However, despite being chased by police, the army hired him again to retrieve the first four elements to prevent The Great Evil from consuming Earth.


Korben was suddenly thrust into saving the universe when Leeloo, wrapped in thermal bandages, fell from the sky through the roof of his cab. After a thrilling car chase, including police gunfire, Leeloo tells Korben to take her to the priest Vito Cornelius before passing out.

When they arrive, Cornelius learns that Leeloo is the Fifth Element and leaves the room. Korben, perhaps trying to wake her, hesitantly gives her a kiss, resulting in Leeloo wielding his own gun against him, spouting a foreign language. Realising that was probably a bad idea, Korben apologises and tries to introduce himself, asking for her name in return. Vito returns with his apprentice, among other things, and asks Korben his name before quickly expunging him from the premises.

After returning to his apartment in South Brooklyn New York 5,000 block 281-53 and explaining to Finger why he never showed up, and ordering a bit of food, Dallas gets a call from his mother, asking him why he didn't tell her he won the Gemini Croquette Contest. This came a surprise, as he didn't enter such contest. He is then visited by General Munro of the Federated Army, telling him they re-enlisted him and rigged the contest to make sure Korben is sent to Fhloston Paradise to retrieve the four elemental stones from the Diva Plavalaguna. While in the apartment, Leeloo rings the door buzzer. Remembering that the government was after her, Dallas hides the General and his compatriots in his refrigerator before letting her in. Cornelius, having learned where the stones are, pulls a gun on him, telling him they need the tickets to Fhloston for the same purpose.

Suddenly, the apartment alarm goes off signaling a police control. Again, Korben is faced with hiding multiple people in his small apartment. After quickly hiding Leeloo in the shower above the fridge and Vito in the retractable, self making bed, he complies with the police. Once they leave, Dallas frees a soaking wet Leeloo and the plastic wrapped Cornelius and offers them coffee. Striking him on the head, Cornelius takes the tickets and leaves with Leeloo. Korben then slowly gets up and puts the trophy on a shelf.

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  • Able to pilot multiple types of fighter-bombers
  • Use of multiple weapon types
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Knowledge of explosive weapons
  • Knowledge of Mangalores culture


  • Dallas is portrayed by American actor, Bruce Willis, best known for his role as John McClane in the film series “Die Hard”. He is also known for his role in 1994's Pulp Fiction.
  • The original case that housed the Stones is called a Corbin suitcase.