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Ruby Rhod

Name Ruby Rhod
Status Alive
Job Radio Host


Ruby Rhod is a famous host of a 2 hour radio show hosted on and sponsored by Fhloston Paradise with a quarter of The Federated Territories population (over fifty billion people) listening to his show. He has very unorthodox wardrobe and exotic fashion sense. In many ways, he acts in a girlish manner when exposed to combat or is simply annoyed by your presence.

Despite his appearances, he does have an aggressive sexual nature. In many instances, he is shown flirting with any woman he sees no matter if they're rich or common, causing them to either faint or give into his flattery. This is even more evident with the stewardesses of the space airport one he gets close to her face says some sexual things to her and makes her faints and an other who worked in zone 2 of the Fhloston Paradise space shuttle trying to do her job; as she was strongly trying to resist him and through multiple acts of what seems to be oral sex, and even lying saying he had never felt this way before. She eventually does give in due to one of his sexual maneuvers, triggering her orgasm and went to have sex with him.

He works with Korben Dallas to stop the Mangalores. Though not knowing what was going on then helps to open the fire stone only he had no matches. When it was all over and evil was destroyed he gets fed up with this and leaves the temple never being seen again.


  • Rhod is portrayed by comedian and actor, Chris Tucker. Tucker co-starred with actor Tom Lister Jr. in the 1995 stoner comedy Friday. Tucker portrayed Smokey, while Lister portrayed the intimidating Deebo. A year following the release of The Fifth Element, Tucker would go onto portray LAPD Detective James Carter in the Rush Hour trilogy, alongside Jackie Chan.