The Great Evil
Name Evil aka Mr. Shadow
Ultimate Evil

Biography Edit

The Great Evil is a moon-sized 'entity' which has a purpose entirely dedicated to destroying life in all its forms. It can speak to anyone it wants to, although this is usually harmful and causes the person to bleed profusely from their forehead. When it contacted Zorg, it identified itself as "Mr. Shadow".

After its defeat by the Fifth Element, Leeloo, the inert entity becomes a second moon in Earth's sky (although far enough away as to avoid affecting Earth with gravitational/tidal forces).

Main Characteristics Edit

  • It is about the size of a small moon, and can alter its own mass/makeup at any time.
  • It consumes mass into itself, mostly to its own benefit. Example: "eating" satellites so it can make a call out to Zorg.
  • It can move at incredible speed at will.
  • Weapons fire, such as missiles launched from a Federated Army vessel, actually make the entity stronger, as it thrives on the energy thus created.
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