The Great Evil
Ultimate Evil.png

First Seen The Fifth Element
Seen In The Fifth Element
Last Seen The Fifth Element
Name The Ultimate Evil
Status Deceased
Job Destructive force
Kill count Several
"I will be among you... soon."
―Mr. Shadow aka The Ultimate Evil [src]

The Ultimate Evil (also known as "Anti-Life", the "Anti-Lifeforce", the Great Evil, and Mr. Shadow) is the main antagonist in The Fifth Element.


The Ultimate Evil is an ancient cosmic force that has for thousands of years tried to destroy Earth and all planets that contain life. After its emergence through a celestial alignment of three planets and one sun which happens every 5,000 years, but each time has been thwarted by the Fifth Element. In the 23rd century, it approaches planet Earth upon finding out that the five elements are no longer in place to stop it. The Evil then tried to get the four elemental stones via grunts, but they failed to get them as the stones were handed to another.

After a few failures, the Ultimate Evil swallowed several satellites and used them to tell its follower Jean-Baptiste Zorg, CEO of Zorg Industries, that it would be arriving soon. By the end of the film, The Evil is once again thwarted by the power of the Fifth Element, Leeloo, killing it forever and its body becoming a second moon for Earth.


Little to nothing is known about the personality of the Ultimate Evil. However, it's known he is sapient. His only goal seems to be ending all life in the universe. He is very intelligent. He is able to take a polite tone, seen when he asked Zorg if he is disturbing him. Given how the latter is afraid when Mr. Shadow asks about the Stones containing the 4 classical elements that brings life, it is very likely the entity has little to no tolerance of failure. It is strongly implied nevertheless, that all of this is because he is made of evil and knows only to be evil.

Powers and Abilities

The Ultimate Evil cannot be killed by force. Any military weapons fired at it will only nourish it. The Ultimate Evil can annihilate anyone who gets too close to it without even trying due to its dark energy. The Ultimate Evil can destroy planets and starships with ease and can travel at a speed of hundreds of lightyears per hour. Practically making it capable of travelling anywhere in the galaxy it wants. It also possesses the ability of telepathy by swallowing communication satellites. When Zorg talks to the Evil on the phone, he is shown cringing in pain just from hearing its voice. Anyone who approaches or hears the Ultimate Evil will bleed dark blood from their head.

If the Ultimate Evil can get to the altar within the Temple of the Elements without any interference from the Fifth Element, it will use the power from the other four Elements to bring about untold horrors for thousands of years.

Its only weakness is the Fifth Element, powered by the other four Elements.


  • When the Ultimate Evil is killed, its body becomes a second moon for Earth, implying that Earth's first moon is possibly the body of a previous Ultimate Evil from billion of years ago, and that the one seen in the film is, in fact, the second Ultimate Evil to attack the earth. It is possible that there are an entire race of Ultimate Evils.
  • It is said in the novelization that the Ultimate Evil is made of anti-matter.
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