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This is not just from me(M0ss but also I have included the input of Hai...the "H" is s brige between me and the rest of me...feel me?

You know, I the fandom fifth element site simply because my eye got stucik watching me chasing me watch that damn rabbit who is, per usual, leading me farther into the array...gotta go...there are others already in 2077 and probably farther. That's disturbing to me because my logic tells me that the time difference must be a factor either too young to be yet documented or that we haven't done it yet but that--hold one, my intuition tells me that ai has already calculated a prediction and by the way, does ai add the positive weight of a correct pr3diction back into the originl formula?  bet the new results would be facinating.

it's also funny to note that the love element is depicted overlaid on top of artifacts and backgroud objects(in focus) to make it seem as if she has horns,,,horns, you know, often meant communication or am I making it up...well, maybe, but I imagine that they had a purpose other that and defence. thoughts?

Eismc2 (talk) 02:09, December 21, 2019 (UTC)